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The Kid Who Inspired It All

The Kid Who Inspired It All

This is a picture of my awesome 14 year old son! He is the sole inspiration for this website and my business. He is responsible for my current life’s work of helping others improve their health. What a wonderful gift he has given to me and to so many!

He and I have been through a lot together and have overcome so much. Throughout his healing journey we tried a long list of things to help him get better, but it wasn’t until we took a chance on Advanced TRS that we began to see significant, lasting improvements. So we grabbed ahold of TRS with both hands and held on for the ride. Little did we know where this little blue bottle would take us!

When my son began his Advanced TRS detox, I really didn’t think much of it. It was just another thing we were trying as we desperately searched for something to help him. We had zero expectations, because we had learned through experience that it was better not to get our hopes up every time we tried something new.

After about two weeks on TRS, we started to notice a few subtle changes in him. He wasn’t triggered as easily and when he was triggered, he could calm down again faster and easier than usual. He also started showing signs of being able to ‘go with the flow’ more, which had always been a struggle for him. We started to get cautiously excited.

During the first three months of my son’s detox, we saw big improvements! And then things would go backward. Then we would see big improvements again! And then he would go backward. It was what felt like a long process of three steps forward, two steps back. Just as we started to enjoy the gains, they would slip away again like sand through our fingers. Even though we understood that this was a normal part of detox, it tried our patience and was brutal on our hopes. We kept reminding ourselves that at least when he went backward, he never went all the way back to where he started. At least we had that.

After about three months on TRS, things started evening out for him. Everything sort of smoothed over, and we weren’t seeing as many drastic ups and downs. Suddenly his gains started coming and staying for good, one after the other after the other. In all my years of trying to help this child – it was like nothing I’d ever seen.

One of the biggest and most life changing gains he had was an improved ability to regulate his emotions. He used to get angry A LOT – at every little thing. Typically once he was triggered, he would spiral downward for the rest of the day and never really recover. Most nights he went to bed angry and sometimes even woke up angry the next morning. Occasionally he would spiral down so far after an emotional upset that he would enter the ‘nuclear meltdown zone’, where he would have an intense meltdown for an hour or more at a time. Gratefully, this has not happened one time since starting TRS over a year ago.

The list of my son’s improvements is long. We are blessed beyond anything we ever expected! One of my favorite gains is that he’s so much more affectionate now and gives the best hugs! He used to sort of “allow” us to hug him, but now he comes to find us for hugs at night, wraps his arms around us and gives us real hugs. He also says, “I love you” back to us (as much as any normal teenager!) which almost never happened before TRS. My other favorite gain is that he now understands humor and sarcasm better, and we have such a great time joking around and laughing with him. I love it so much! The list of his gains is too long to give in detail here, but you can read his entire story in our Support Community!

So now I find myself here. Having had an incredible experienced that has left me passionate about helping others find healing too. I want to help you use our products in the best way possible so that you can also experience a better life! The natural teacher, supporter and nurturer side of me has expanded so much as I continue to fulfill and live my passion for helping others every day. It is an amazing thing to come full circle, and I feel such a sense of fulfillment in even being the smallest help to people along their healing journey. It is a privilege and I truly love what I do!

This past year has brought so many interesting surprises. I have unexpectedly found myself studying like I did in college! It’s been fascinating to learn the in depth science behind Advanced TRS and I can’t wait to study the science behind our nano CBD oil that is coming soon. After helping hundreds of people through their Advanced TRS detox, I am grateful to have gained a depth of knowledge and experience with how to help each individual use TRS to their best advantage. I would love to help you too in our Support Community! Advanced TRS is a product with a definite learning curve, so please jump in with both feet and start learning! Read through our Resources, our Getting Started Guide and join our Support Community before you begin.

I wish I could share everything that I’ve learned with you on the pages of this website. But unfortunately, it’s just too much to cover. I would be honored if you’d join me in our Support Community where you can access volumes of additional information, are free to ask questions specific to your situation and where you will receive one-on-one guidance as you begin and move through your journey to better health! See you on the other side!

All the Best!


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