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Why is Nanotech Better?

Natural healing products with nanotechnology have many important advantages

  • Nanoparticles have unique and amazing capabilities

  • The smaller the particles, the more effective the product

  • Nano-sized particles mean increased absorption and bioavailability

  • Only nanoparticles can heal at a true cellular level

  • Nanotech products require less product to do a better job

Can I Use TRS?

Q – Are there any contraindications of taking Advanced TRS with supplements or medications such as those containing lithium or platinum?
A – Medications containing metals may be adversely affected due to removal by using Advanced TRS. Consult your health care practitioner who prescribes your medication before using Advanced TRS to see if they contain metals. If your supplements or medications do contain metals, then separating them from TRS by 6 hours will work fine because TRS only stays in the body for 6 hours.

Q – Could Advanced TRS cause mercury fillings, dental work or artificial joints, etc. to leach into the body?
A – No, Advanced TRS will not cause leaching of metals into the body from items such as fillings, artificial joints, etc. Those are bound and are electrically neutral, which is why they last as long as they do. They will not be attracted to or removed by the zeolite in TRS.

Q – Is TRS safe for children?
A – Yes, TRS is perfectly safe for children. As a rule of thumb, the usage rate is 1 spray per 30 pounds of body weight. Parents know their kids best, and should do what they are comfortable with. The reality is that children are exposed to daily toxins at the same level as adults but it affects children more because of their smaller size.

Q – Is TRS safe to take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?
A – This is a personal decision that you will have to make for yourself. Advanced TRS is very safe and has been proven to be safe. Trust your instincts and do what you feel is best. You know your children best and should do what you are comfortable with.

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