Success Stories

Products by Coseva are not intended to prevent, cure or treat any kind of health condition. Coseva products are designed to be an important dietary and overall part of an individual’s daily healthy lifestyle.

Advanced TRS

  • Advanced TRS saved my family’s life, no exaggeration. The toxin build-ups in our systems caused a cascading chain of events that at the end of the chain, threatened the lives of my son and daughter. We tried everything we knew and could afford for over 7 years, and though some things made a difference (some more than others), we couldn’t get to the root of the problem. I knew from multiple lab tests that there were toxins binding to the cells of our son and daughter causing metabolic distress, but I didn’t know how to get the toxins out. “Detox” can be such a buzzword these days, so I didn’t go there, not wanting to put my money into one more thing. Everything changed though, when I discovered Advanced TRS. I am a results-oriented person, and big on testimony. Based on what other parents were saying, it seemed like something worth trying — and compared to everything else we had done, it was very inexpensive. We started seeing results within 2 weeks, but it took several months for the toxins to work their way out. My kids are healthy now. My son is in remission from autoimmune encephalomyelitis, and my daughter (same diagnosis + Stiff Person Syndrome) is very close. This product has been a God-send, an answer to a lot of prayers. We will continue to use TRS at a “maintenance dosage” the rest of our lives probably, as we found out that genetically there are reasons our bodies do not detox. By the way, these are the most dramatic stories of our family, but the rest of us have also come a very long way with TRS. Our other children, my husband, myself, a nephew, and my mother-in-law have all seen amazing results with our serious health issues. We have had a year of miracles. ~ M. Widman

  • To quote my 13 year old son with PANS/Lyme/tics, “Mom, you can change my supplements and herbs but please don’t ever stop giving me TRS. I can feel it making a difference in me. I know this is a game changer!” I’m still amazed that at such low doses we still see improvements and things change. More isn’t always better with TRS. My son has been taking TRS for 6 months and we are at 1/4 spray a day. Truly amazing product! ~ K. Martens

  • After five months on TRS, I am quite comfortable recommending TRS to any person or family looking to restore health to their lives. My son and I are both on TRS. I have seen an increase in energy, improvement in skin and digestive issues and lately, the return of restful sleep after decades of insomnia issues.

    My son is four years old, autistic and non-verbal. He has suffered with skin, digestive, and neurological issues for most of his life. Since starting TRS we have seen an increase in his ability to “play” vocally with phonics. He is now reading. His artwork is more focused. His attention span is phenomenal, as is his sense of humor and willingness to try new things. His skin is almost 100% clear of eczema. His digestive process functions a lot more smoothly now and he, too, is finally enjoying full and restful nights sleep.

    We are so grateful to have discovered this product and for the unending support and patience we have experienced from our distributors. If you are desiring to take back your health, I highly encourage you to consider purchasing this product. ~ J. Blackmon

  • I was hesitant about trying TRS, mainly because I’ve tried so many ‘miracle products’, but I’m so glad I did.

    We started TRS in June. My boy started school with a full-time one-on-one aide who stayed beside him at all times, ready to pull him out of class when necessary. He showed steady improvement (although sometimes it was two steps forward and one back, as with any detox) throughout. A few IEP meetings back, his one-on-one aide was cut back from 5.75 hours to 1.5. If you’ve ever had a child with an IEP, you know just how huge that is!

    Meltdowns are no longer a thing; he’s cracking jokes; he’s accepting responsibility. He’s not all the way there yet, but he’s well on his way, and I am so thankful I took a chance on Advanced TRS. ~ M. Neuhauser

  • My 13 year old son has had debilitating OCD for the past two years, and one of the things he couldn’t do was wear clothing. If he had a doctor’s appointment, he would wrap up in a blanket and the doctor would have to come to our car for the appointment. This is how severe it was. But he made huge steps today! He’s been taking walks with me, but due to his OCD the only time he could leave the house was after midnight. But at 4 o’clock today he got dressed and wanted to go out for ice cream. When we got home his brother asked if he’d play outside and he said yes! He hasn’t played outside in two and a half years! He has debilitating OCD with touching things and today he actually played catch with a plastic ball! We have tried antibiotics, essential oils, high dose DMSA, herbs and supplements and nothing helped his OCD until he started taking Advanced TRS! So blessed to have found this product! ~ K. Saniat

  • After two months on Advanced TRS my son went from 3-4 word sentences to 4-5 word sentences. We now have reciprocal conversation! Before TRS he would usually just repeat back what we would say. He has gained more speech in two months on TRS than in one year of speech therapy. His sensory issues have decreased, and he can sit still long enough for me to read him a whole book! He used to have super long and intense tantrums, but now gets over things really quickly. I feel like for the first time I am actually getting to know my son’s true personality. He is a super sweet and funny kid. I feel TRS is taking us to the next level of healing. TRS works and is amazing! ~ S. Kidd

  • We have been taking TRS for only a short time, but we have seen more progress in the last month than the last several years. It has helped me personally, but more importantly it has helped my PANDAS/ADHD child. She was literally climbing the walls, touching everything, mouthing everything, had outbursts, minor tics, the whole PANDAS gamut. Since starting TRS, she is markedly calmer. Her anxiety has lessened. Her outbursts are less frequent and much shorter in duration. She is more easily redirected from putting things in her mouth. I haven’t noticed a change in the tic yet, but am excited to see continued gains! Finding TRS has literally been life-changing for our family. ~ G. Junge

  • After 15 days on TRS my 9 year old PANDAS son flipped the light switch ONLY ONCE (prior to that it was at least 6 times), took a shower ON HIS OWN (there were times when his OCD was so debilitating that he literally could not get in the shower without help), brushed his teeth and put on his PJs…and there was NO WHINING…and he did it all ALONE…and he was so chill! I know this is business as usual for neurotypical kids, but for my PANDAS son this was HUGE! Others who knew nothing about how we were treating him started to tell me how great he was doing, and how much calmer and less emotionally liable he was. I stopped crying every day out of pure frustration! After a couple more months his sensory issues and anxiety started to fade. My previously anorexic son started eating like a horse. He now ASKS ME for new foods with different textures. Last night HE ATE SUSHI! No intervention we’ve done to date has been SO EFFECTIVE and SO FAST in producing results. TRS is truly amazing and has been a godsend to my family. ~ C. Lambourne